Stridente is an emerging recording studio and record label based in East London. We know the struggle of independent Artists and therefore we offer two convenient options.

Studio Hire is a straight forward £100 fee per track. The Artist retains all rights on the recording. [details]

Production includes the production of an EP and several additional services for £100 altogether. Stridente Records retains the digital release rights while the physical release rights are retained by both the Artist and Stridente. [details]

Each situation is different and so there is flexibility. The best thing to do is to go for a coffee and discuss your project with us!

Studio Hire

+ production and additional musical instruments (and/or vocalists) – if required
+ HQ logo and/or cover art from professional graphic designer – if required

All rights belong to the Artist

£100 per track (e.g. 3 tracks = £300)


+ production and additional musical instruments (and/or vocalists) – when required
+ music video and/or video interview at Stridente Studio
+ HQ logo, cover art, banners from Stridente Records graphic design
+ promotional support on Stridente media
+ live musicianship and technical support – if required
+ remixes and/or featuring of Stridente Records Artists
+ exclusive release on:
Stridente Records Bandcamp (which can be ‘embedded’ on the Artist Bandcamp) and streaming services (such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc.)

Digital – all rights belong to Stridente Records
Physical – both the Artist and Stridente Records have the right to print and sell copies

£100 (which serves to pay for graphic design and expenses) – Max 3 tracks